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Source: By Wilson Dias/ABr (Agência Brasil) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( )], via Wikimedia Commons

Minister Teori Zavascki responds to Petrobras CPMI requests


"Minister Teori Zavascki, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), responded to two official notices presented by the Mixed Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPMI) aimed at investigating irregularities at Petrobras. Paulo Roberto Costa, and announces the decision to summon the former director to testify at CPMI on September 17th.


In his response to the request regarding the winning denunciation, the minister clarifies that, regarding the Lava-jato operation, only two processes are being processed under his report: Complaint 17623 and Petition 5170. The documents referring to these processes have already been made available to the CPMI, in a recent decision.


The minister also affirms that the summons to testify before Parliamentary Inquiry Commissions is a constitutional prerogative of these commissions. Its implementation, in this case, does not depend on prior judicial authorization, and in this case, the STF is not responsible for any special measures. However, he emphasized that the summoned party must be assured of its constitutional guarantees, including the one to remain silent, as stated in reiterated jurisprudence of the Supreme Court.


The response to the letters was given in the records of Complaint (RCL) 17623.



Minister Teori Zavascki responds to Petrobras CPMI requests. STF. Available at:< >. Accessed on: 14 sep. 2014.

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