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FAQ - Ask your questions

In this area, we have selected a small list of questions that we receive most from our customers.

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In what situations should I hire a lawyer?


The main situations that occur to motivate the hiring of the services of a lawyer can be and are not limited to: divorce/separation, succession and inheritance, undue or abusive charges, dissatisfaction with the purchase of any product or contracting of services, legal representation of companies, construction of parts for companies, among endless situations. Remembering that the lawyer does not always represent causes in court, consulting services, opinions, participation in meetings and conciliation are common.


How to hire a lawyer?


The first step before hiring a lawyer is to trust and empathize with the professional who will represent you. The second is to formalize everything with your lawyer, fees, services, availability, costs, among other relevant issues. After formalization, be sure to pass on the necessary information and documents so that the professional can meet expectations.


How does fee collection work?


The amount to be charged by the Lawyer may have numerous variables, such as the complexity of the case, the work and time required, the importance of the economic interest and the lawyer's knowledge, his experience and his concept as a professional and the client's financial condition . However, it should be noted that the OAB of each state determines a Minimum Amount to be charged, through the well-known fee schedule. This table establishes the minimum value of each service to be contracted, however there is no defined maximum.

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